Practitioners' and New Researchers' Day


We wish to include the voices of participants in Action Research who may not traditionally attend academic conferences and we want to support attendance for practitioners and new researchers including teachers, students, pupils, community activists, etc.

If you are a practitioner and/or a new researcher and you want to share your experiences and learning from and with other like-minded you have two possibilities:

  • You could share your developing Action Research experiences by offering a traditional presentation (see Call for Proposals).

  • However, you may wish to make a brief contribution (approx 5 minutes presentation) to a "Practitioners' and New Researchers' Workshop".

What is a Practitioner/New Researcher Workshop?

1 hour Practitioner Workshops will include 5 or 6 practitioners presenting a challenging issue from their research project or interest. The Workshop will be led by an experienced chairperson, who could support them and facilitate the process.

The benefits of contributing at a CARN conference is that you receive helpful feedback from colleagues that will assist you to focus your next research steps very productively. This is also an opportunity to begin contributing to the research world in a constructively appreciative environment. (And you can add this Conference Symposium presentation to your CV).

An indicative form of this contribution:

  • Describe your practice context;

  • Describe what you are trying to do to improve your situation;

  • Outlining the key challenge(s) in your research.

You will then engage the audience with a real and immediate focus which will stimulate discussion.

The CARN conference 2017 is hosted by the University of Crete, Campus of Gallos, Rethymnon, Greece

University of Crete

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