A Conference designed:

  • to support all voices (not only the dominant discourses),

  • to encourage a broad range of researchers and practitioners to be heard,

  • to celebrate the insights promoted by collaborative action research.


Our starting points will be:

  • our multiple ways of understanding, acting, reflecting and reconstructing our communities and societies

  • our diverse professions of health, social care, education and community development

  • our multiple roles as practitioners, researchers and academics;

  • our reflections on the orientations of action research in the contemporary era.

We welcome contributions from those working in and with schools, universities or any other educational institution; in health, nursing and social care; in public services settings as policy making and all other communities committed to improving social justice within our practices through Action Research in order to create a different, more just world.


The Conference themes are:​

  • Action research and social justice in policy making: the institutionalization of AR.

  • Action Research, empowerment and emancipation in different settings.

  • Action research in schools: curriculum and school development, networking and system intervention, professional communities of learning and practice.

  • Action research in universities: action research studies, teacher education programs, student teachers’ professional development

  • Action research in palliative care, in nursing homes and in fields of social work

  • Social and community development research: action research and communities of practice

  • Action research and other qualitative methodologies: promising combinations

The CARN conference 2017 is hosted by the University of Crete, Campus of Gallos, Rethymnon, Greece

University of Crete

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